We believe that mental health care should be accessible to everyone.

And are on a mission to provide a safe space to learn about your feelings and connect you with the right help.




Our story

Lively is founded by Fabian, a young millennial who thought he was different than everyone around him, until he realised that he was not alone.

Fabian has experienced and suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, had many symptoms of depression and was suicidal for many years. During this period he was living abroad as an expat in countries as Poland, Singapore and China, far away from his home country The Netherlands. Finding help while living abroad is very tough. 

While in Asia, he started sharing about his thoughts and learned about local cultures and how they handle mental health care in particular. Being shocked by the response, he was impressed by the amount of people who reached out to him who also didn’t feel well. This was the moment he thought; “I got to do something”. That’s how Lively is born.